Champlain Valley VMUG – Summer recap

Better late than never I wanted to provide some information to all of the CVVMUG’ers out there coming out of our successful June meeting.

First off another big thanks to our friend Matt Bradford (aka VMSpot) for his vRealize Operations presentation. Here are another couple of gems from Matt that may interest you further:

vmware-vsphere-6-5-host-resources-deep-dive-proof-copiesThe technical talks seem to be a big hit, so much so that we already have a community presenter lined up for October to talk a bit about DRS. To celebrate, we’ll be giving away a couple copies of the brand new Host Resources Deep Dive book. Mind blowing stuff. For a taste you should check out the recent Datanauts podcast featuring the authors and if you make it to VMworld, their Deep Dive sessions are a must attend.

Speaking of VMworld, as of this writing we are 62 days and counting until the kickoff. Please let us know if you’ll be attending. We’d like to do meetup or a happy hour or something. Also stay tuned, you may be able to find us working and/or presenting at the event. 😉

oct12_vmugSpeaking of conferences, you can find my DellEMC world recaps and thoughts here. And here is a bunch of info about VMware announcements and happenings from the event. Lastly, we talked a little bit about the fracas with VMUG and the newly announced Dell Technologies User Community, you can get another voice on that matter here.

Now that the business end is behind, we are trying to line up a BBQ social event for August, place and time TBD. While you’re penciling stuff in, circle October 12 on your calendar for our next Champlain Valley VMUG. We’re still working on a location, but we’ll have that for you soon!

Last and certainly not least, AJ Mike and I want to thank all of you, members and vendors alike for being involved. This is a community for all of us, and we really value all that you bring.

And don’t think that just because we have one speaker lined up for October doesn’t mean that you can’t also get up there. Mules are awaiting.


What is a VMUG?

vmw_vmug_logoUp here in the Champlain Valley we are getting ready for our summer VMUG meeting. While planning the other day someone asked me “What is a V. M. U. G.?” To which I responded “VMUG (pronounced “v-MUG) is…” and launched into a standard elevator, evangelist pitch. Almost immediately I regretted the canned response and started reflecting on what VMUG means to me. It really didn’t take long to reach a resolution to the question. What VMUG means to me can be summed up in a single word: Opportunity.

As I’m someone who wears everything on his sleeve, I’d like to let you know that I’ve been a VMUG leader for almost a year and have been a member and proponent of it since long before that. However long before I was a leader, VMUG offered opportunities to me that may not otherwise be available in Northern New England.

To start with, one of my first VMUG events was the opportunity to attend the UserCon in Boston. If you’ve never been to a UserCon, I suggest checking one out at your earliest opportunity. You have access to labs, technical presentations, fantastic keynotes, access to vendors and your peers! All for the low low price of Free! It’s essentially a miniature version of the big conferences held in Las Vegas, except they are regional and free.

UserCons are awesome but to me the true lifeblood of VMUG is the local communities. As I mentioned previously, I help run the Champlain Valley VMUG community. We hold local meetings 3-4 times a year where you can come to hear from your peers, vendors and industry leaders talk about what is happening in their industries, applications or local businesses. It’s a chance to network with folks in your area and learn about cutting edge tech. Your local meetings are also free, so there really just isn’t a good excuse for missing out.

Is it a VMUG? p-VMUG? v-VMUG? I’m so confused…

Speaking of networking, did you know that the VMUG advantage membership now includes NSX!  On top of all the evaluation software you can get a discounted ticket to VMworld. Actually it’s the only discount that you can stack with the other discounts. If you’re going to VMworld, or planning on taking a VMware class/exam you should just buy an advantage pass, it literally pays for itself. Seriously, I know this sounds like a sales pitch, but let’s suppose you’re going to take the vSphere: Install Configure and Manage course, that’s around $4000. A VMUG advantage membership gets you 20% off right out of the gate. It’s a pretty good ROI. I’m just saying…

Earlier I mentioned networking, but in my mind this is one of the greatest opportunities that VMUG can afford. Thanks to my involvement with VMUG I’ve learned a ton, gained a ton of awareness of the IT ecosystem, met CEO’s and frankly been able to advance my career. Getting up on stage and presenting about PowerCLI, a topic I’m very passionate about, has helped me get over my fear of public speaking in addition to paying it forward.

Someone recently came up to me and said (to paraphrase) “thanks for your session on PowerShell. I really took it to heart and have been using it in my day to day since.” In all honesty I really couldn’t ask for more than that. By being involved with VMUG I’ve been able to learn, grow my skills, engage with industry leaders and help others. It may sound like a sales pitch, but really this $hit just sells itself.

As always, I’m happy to hear any feedback you may have. Until then, I hope to see you getting involved June 15, at the Champlain Valley VMUG summer meeting!