VCP6-DCV delta

As I mention in my about, this is ultimately the reason why I wanted to start this blog. I’ve compiled information that I hope will help folks along with their certification journey.

Before going much further I’d like to give a disclaimer. When I started this document, it really was just meant for my own studying purposes, and as such isn’t referenced. Some of the information contained in these pages comes straight out of VMware documentation. Some comes from other pages that I found while studying and some are my own words and notes. If I’ve copied your words, please reach out to me and I will be more than happy to provide appropriate credit.

So as I mentioned, I’ve used a lot of materials to prep for the the VCP6-DCV delta exam. Here are some of the most vital ones.

  • – One of my go to VMware resources.
  • – One of the best study guides out there for the past couple VCP’s. Follow him @vladan
  • The unofficial study guide – The other heavyweight in the study guide arena. These guys have helped me pass the last few tests.
  • – Another great study guide, but like the one contained here isn’t complete. BUT boy does he have a ton of great info to make up for it!
  • – Like this guide a compilation of information from various sources
  • – Feel like having your mind blown, read his blog. His Deep Dive session with Niels Hagoort left me scratching my brain for quite a while.
  • – Overall good virtualizaiton reading and a heavyweight in the PowerCLI community. If you were at VMworld 2016 and didn’t attend his session on enforcing configurations using PowerCLI, I’d suggest going and checking it out. Or check this recent post for a taste.
  • VMware documentation center – arguably the most important resource. If you read and understand the documents, then you are well on your way!41axrdqgvwl-_sx402_bo1204203200_
  • The VCP6-DCV Official Cert Guide – I happened to come across a book signing with the authors at VMworld and thought “why not”. It ended up being a really invaluable resource as a refreshing on some of the basics and for last minute fact drilling. At this point it’s also the best vSphere 6 book I’ve read.

vlnam_rlLastly, hands on experience is an absolute must. If you don’t work in an environment that allows you to test and you don’t have the means/desire to setup a home lab, you have a solution: Hand-on labs. VMware provides a number of pre-built labs ready for you to test and break without repercussions! Just for an example, I didn’t have the means to work through vVols, or vSAN in my home lab. I spent many hours spinning up/down the vSAN lab to test, configure, break  and otherwise mangle a lab without any worries of a resume generating event.

So without further ado, here are the sections I was able to work on (before time ran out and I had to just get the cert done). If you need to be referenced, would like to fill any gaps or have questions/corrections, please reach out.

Objective 1 – Configure and Administer vSphere Security

Objective 2 – Configure and Administer Advanced vSphere Networking

Objective 3 – Configure and Administer Advanced vSphere Storage

Objective 4 – Upgrade a vSphere Deployment to 6.x

Objective 5 – Administer and Manage vSphere 6.x Resources

Objective 7 –  Troubleshoot a vSphere Deployment – incomplete

Objective 9 – Configure and Administer vSphere Availability Solution