Classic Snowboard Clips

Talking with someone recently I was reminded of an awesome backcountry adventure and thought it might be fun to compile some old snowboard vids for kicks.

Top 5 run on my life on this first one. I think it snowed about 6 inches just during our hike. Edit by my good friend Conor, please check out his photos.

Right after getting my GoPro I called in a “mental health” day and went on a solo mission. On the first run of the day I ran into a guy in the trees who showed me all kinds of spots at Bolton. It’s a bit long, but what a fun day.

Unfortunately last winter was basically a wash. So this last one is a little bit of a blast back in time as Brady’s gotten much better over the last two years. I expect to be updating this shortly


One thought on “Classic Snowboard Clips

  1. James Hebert April 19, 2017 / 10:09 pm

    Guess I’m too late to view the latter videos but the first one looked absolutely killer. Hope you’ve been able to get some late-season runs in.


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