Let’s Hash it out

In the past I always found it to be a giant PITA computing HASH values for files on Windows.

Why do you need to compute HASH values? Once you have the fun experience of trying to deploy a solution from an iso or ova image that got corrupted during download, you’ll never ask that question again.

What does the hash (or checksum) do? It simply is a computation of the bits in a file and is commonly used as an integrity check.

Why is an article about hash values on a VMware blog? Because the kind folks at VMware provide you with the MD5/SHA1/SHA256 calculations for all of their downloads. And if you have at least PowerShell 4.o, Microsoft gave you a little cmdlet for calculating file hashes. And since I’m about to install an eval of vRO as a proof of concept/value, here’s the handy dandy code you’d use to calculate a simple checksum:

 Get-FileHash .\vRO6_4.ova -Algorithm SHA256  


As with any other cmdlet there’s way more that you can do, but for 90% of my needs this simple commandlet is all you need.


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