Why are we here?


Why are we here?

What’s this “we” business? Let’s be real, it’s only me on here. Well… that and Mom and Dad. Thanks Mom and Dad, Love you! Keep clicking!

Seriously, I decided to take a different approach while studying for the VCP6-DCV delta test this past summer. I thought back to the days of taking my A+ and one of my techniques was to take some pretty meticulous notes by hand. So I started writing my very own personal study guide… which seemed awful selfish. How can it really be a guide if you’re the only one reading it? Well that and I ended up referring to a lot of really great blogs…

So, I’ve had a lot of help along the way and felt that maybe it may be time to try and share whatever I may have learned with a broader audience (no offence Mom and Dad) and so here we are. I use run on sentences, overuse elipses, and like to create new words that don’t actually exist. I was not an English major, nor do I pretend to be the utmost expert in things that may appear herein. What I am is a person who wants to share his knowledge and experiences.

Hopefully I can share a little bit of humor with you and maybe a little knowledge too. If you do actually end up here, I’d love to hear from you.

Be Well


PS: this is my first attempt to have any sort of a web presence since the 90’s, so please be kind!



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